Boat Repair

I/O Engine Removal.
Outdrive Service.
Gearcase Repair Service.  Skeg welding and replacement.
Bottom Stripping and Preparation.
Gelcoat Blemish Repair.  Original color matching.
Metal Fabrication for Marine Electronics.  This was a flip-top mount for a radar dome.
Complete Boat Bottom Service. This hull was completely stripped, waterline was raised and straightened, multiple epoxy barrier coats were applied, and followed by an ecologically friendly bottom performance coating.
Bottom Work. This hull was not properly prepared as noted by the large flaking pieces. Also note the lack of barrier coating on exposed areas of gelcoat. Barrier coating prevents the absorption of water into hull. Gelcoat by nature is very porous and over time will allow water permeation, especially if boats are left in water.
Water Pump Service and Gearcase Lube Changes.
Complete Shrinkwrapping Service.
Fuel System Repairs.  This is a typical ethanol related issue that is becoming commonplace in the marine environment.
Outboard Service.
Complete Detailing Service.

Examples of boat repair, restoration, and re-powering services that we offer.  For more information contact us below.